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This website is powered by static pages. Yup, just plain old static files with text (and the occasional image) in them.

It's hosted on Amazon web services, using their Simple Storage Service (S3), which only provides for storage and retrieval of static files.

Made with Common Lisp

Although the site itself is served statically from plain files, those files are generated using the following technologies:

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Also used were:

Homegrown wms

Naturally I had to make my own weblog management system, as that's what people like me do.

I started out looking at a few others, and actually tried starting out with blogmax, a system written in Emacs Lisp. It was okay, but it needed too much tweaking to do what I wanted, and of course I thought I could do better. So that's how jaring-log came to be. Maybe I'll write a post on it sometime, and maybe I'll even put the code up on github somewhere one of these days.


I just started this twitter business:

Or you could use an old-fashioned e-mail: oxylogos@gmail.com.


The ‘made with lisp’ logo can be found here.



The sharp word.


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